Who Says Museums Are Stodgy and Boring?

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There always seems to be a stigma associated with going to a museum. That’s mostly because museums are associated with learning, says Don Bacigalupi, Ph.D., but what people forget is that learning can be both fun and interesting.

WATCH as Bacigalupi, who has more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in museum management and is the executive director of Crystal Bridge Museum of American Art, talks with genConnect about education, the arts, and how museums are becoming more fun:

WATCH: The Met Engages 21st Century Audience, Museum Director Says

Museums hold all sorts of different gems for the world to see. It is important for museum curators to convey the messages of those gems to the public in the best way possible – and in a way that makes them the most interesting, Bacigalupi says. “In the museum world, we are trying to create access points for any individual, no matter what age they are … to find something of relevance in the works of art and take that to the next level,” he says.

AG 1999 3By adding tours, interactive experiences, programs, exhibitions, as well as many other activities for museum visitors, it gives people of any background a chance to connect better with the featured work. “There is some way in for them to develop a deeper relationship,” Bacigalupi explains.

He  understands that artists today work in all kinds of places creating many different styles of art. All contemporary artists have something to convey and teach the world and Bacigalupi wants to help bring that message to the masses.

“It’s about identifying the best talent wherever it lives and bringing that to the national attention, or international attention,” he adds.

WATCH: ‘Artists Exist In Every Neighborhood … Of the World’

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About Don Bacigalupi: Don Bacigalupi, Ph.D., has more than 20 years of comprehensive experience in museum management. Dr. Bacigalupi joined Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art as executive director in 2009, responsible for the planning, organization, construction, and [...]
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