Diane Sawyer Set to Interview Bruce Jenner Friday

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On Friday, April 24, ABC News’ Diane Sawyer will sit down for a candid interview with Bruce Jenner. The two-hour program is expected to explore Jenner’s transgender plans and its impact on his reality TV family, the Kardashians.


Sawyer spoke with the New York Daily News and said of the Olympian’s interview: “This is going to be an opportunity to learn so much about some important things in all our lives,” she said. “And we believe that some stories should be told by the person living it.”

genConnect spoke with mental health expert Dr. Janet Taylor about how Jenner’s reported transition will impact the Kardashian family:

genConnect: If Bruce is in fact transgender, how will his family be affected?

Dr. Janet Taylor: He appears to have the complete and full support of his family, which is healthy. Any transition requires flexibility and altering the expectations of traditional roles. In many ways, the Kardashian family seems equipped to adapt to this.

gC: What role will his influence as a celebrity play in this transition?

Dr. Taylor: Celebrity or not, there is a psychological toll exacted by the decision to come out and make a transgender decision. That being said, his public transition as a celebrity may help others who feel isolated and alone.

gC: Why would Jenner decide to come out now after all these years?

Dr. Taylor: I would imagine that now he realizes that this is his time to truly be himself. He completed the traditional journey and now he’s ready to complete his own path and desires. His own children are old enough to understand and either support or reject him.


Tune in to the Bruce Jenner interview on ABC on Friday, April 24, at 9/8c.

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