How Deirdre Hade Can Help You Harness Your Positive Energy

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Deirdre Hade wants to help women harness their positive energy; her Radiance Masters Program Healing Retreat in Mt. Shasta, CA, is next week

Deirdre Hade wants you to experience energy like you’ve never experienced it before.

The spiritual teacher, healer, leader in the ancient arts of the wisdom traditions, and the founder of Radiance Healing and Radiance Meditation, has more than 30 years’ experience working with energy. She’s inviting you to her Radiance Masters Program Healing Retreat at Mt. Shasta, CA, Aug. 24-28.

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The retreat “is a deep experience and immersion program for immersing – really descending into – the healing qualities of light, of divine presence,” explains Deirdre. “This divine energy – which we can’t see, we can’t put our finger on – but we know it when we experience it.”

Mount Shasta;

Deirdre says that learning to harness and use this energy in a positive way can help get people through difficult times – like the ones we are seeing now with the economy and personal financial situations of many across the country. She has created a system through which we can easily understand how to work with energy in ways that it’s “accessible and we can assimilate it into our everyday busy life in the 20th century.”

“I want to give it [energy] as a gift to people, the opportunity for you to know how to really experience energy – how to see it, how to read it, how to work with it so you can live in health, live in joy, and also be able to thrive through the rocky times right now,” she says.

When Deirdre refers to “energy,” she means the energy of “pure life” – that which gives something animation. “Like when you buy a flower – there’s a freshness and energy in it but after time, life dissipates and the flower begins to droop,” she explains. “What you want to do now is learn how to open, let’s say the stem of your being, and be able to drink the nutrients so that your life force … is exuberant, positive and that’s what’s going to be able to give you a boost through difficult times.”

The retreat is an immersion program where participants can work with the energy in their own lives, then go home and have the tools to “be able to shift and change your world.”

Deirdre didn’t start out as a healer and spiritual teacher. She began her professional career at the age of 15 as a ballet and modern dancer. She traveled with a ballet company for performances such as “Swan Lake” and “Nutcracker,” when later danced in college. She eventually opened the Celebrations Dance Theater in Memphis, TN, and taught dance to children with special needs. She then segued into acting and theater.

Deirdre Hade

“Then I received a message really loud and clear, from what I consider a higher source, and the higher source said to me ‘I have enough actors – I don’t need more actors’… the voice said ‘I need healers.’”

So Deirdre immersed herself into the work she currently does, helping others harness their positive energy to help transform their lives. She also started a women’s group called “Daughters of Miriam,” which focused on the wisdom of women coming together. The group also helps women overcome hurdles or obstacles they see that are keeping them from their fullest potential.

“Literally lifting them [negative obstacles] out of your nervous system – and that is energy work,” Deirdre said. “Years of obstacles can just get pulled on out once you understand how to do it.”

Her advice for women who are feeling the pull of a different calling in life? Listen, don’t sweat the small stuff, and make a plan on how to get there.

“As a woman, you have a great gift of wisdom that’s inside you … you can cultivate it, you can grow it the way you would any other gift that someone else may possess,” she says. “Spend time in deep contemplation, in nature, away from a lot of outside influences and write down what it is your dreams are. What it is you feel a calling to do? Let all fear go about ‘how old am I? What about the money?’ Let all of that go.”

Writing down what you think of your life currently, and how you want to change it, then meditating on it can help point you in the right direction, Deirdre says.

“Then take a deep breath, let that sink in for about a week, then take another time,” off to be by yourself and focus on the question: “How can I make this dream possible?”

Making a list of people who you know who can help you accomplish this career or life change can help, she says. “Then you make a plan, then you balance that plan between expanding into new territory and balancing it with what it is you are doing now.”

Translation: Don’t quit your day job until you’re sure your “dream job” is attainable.

“There will come a place that will be a tipping point when you can just sail into the new experience you’re doing and let go of the old.”

Deirdre is also participating in this year’s WIE Symposium, led by fashion designer Donna Karan and other prominent women in media, politics, the arts, and other industries. The event will be held Monday, September 20, in New York City, and was created by Elmina Inc next-generation media company and The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood. Last year’s speakers included: Melinda Gates, Arianna Huffington, Ashley Judd, Queen Rania and Wendi Murdoch. This year’s speaker list and event is sure to be the event of the year!

Check back on in early September for more information on this fantastic program for women.

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