David Kirchhoff: Weight Loss Support Systems Matter (VIDEO)

[ 0 ] July 19, 2011 |

Watch genConnect Creative Director Kelly Hayes interview Weight Watchers International President and CEO David Kirchhoff on the connection between affluence and obesity and Weight Watchers’ strong online community:

To Recap: “The thing about Weight Watchers is that from our earliest days, we’ve recognized that going through a behavior change process like weight management is very difficult to do on your own. It just is. Support matters. It has been shown clinically over and over and over again that support really plays a huge role in terms of people really betting on healthier habits. And that’s what we’ve been doing in our meetings, classes and groups for the better part of 50 years.”

Click here to watch Part 1 of our interview with David Kirchhoff on how obesity affects the national economy.

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About David Kirchhoff: Mr. Kirchhoff has been a director and our President and Chief Executive Officer since December 31, 2006. Mr. Kirchhoff has served and continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of WeightWatchers.com since rejoining WeightWatchers.com [...]
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