Should Universities Be Teaching Relationship Skills?

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Most people learn their relationship skills through experience. A lot of men and woman that are career focused and hold off on settling down and starting a family until later in life end up missing their opportunity because they lack basic knowledge of how to be in a relationship. But what if those skills were instead taught in a classroom, how would the dating world be changed?

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“The biggest factor that determines the success of a college alumni – 20, 30, 50 years after they leave campus – is their happiness in a personal relationship,” says dating expert Rachel Greenwald. “Its not the skills they learned to succeed in work it’s the skills that they learned to succeed in relationships.” The skills Greenwald is referring to are not really being discussed in a classroom setting, however maybe they should be.

People learn the proper skills on how to be a professional in the work place, how to act during an interview, and general characteristics on how to act in society. Very few college campuses offer courses on how to date, an important skill that most people who want to get married and have a family need in their lifetime. Additionally, Greenwald quotes Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In saying, “90% of your success in your career will be based on who your partner is at home.” Therefore implying that knowing how to date and being in a happy relationship will effect the success of your professional life.

Greenwald says that “being in a successful relationship requires skills that are teachable.” Some of these skills include listening, compromising, and having an intellectual conversation. Other skills include recognizing what a toxic relationship and a healthy relationship look like, and the difference between respect and manipulation.

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