Dating in 2015: It’s Different

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You may agree with the common myth that dating is supposed to be easy. genConnect met up with author/blogger/expert Demetria Lucas at #BlogHer14 to hear her take on this issue…

“It’s almost like looking for a job… You have to put your backbone and your full throttle into it for it to work.”

WATCH as Demetria Lucas shares how dating really works…


Dating hasn’t always been the same. In fact, it changes rapidly and in order to stay in the game, you have to be able to keep up.

WATCH as Demetria shares how dating has changed over the years…


“I think the biggest phenomena is the rise of social media and technology. Guys are constantly texting… you go out to dinner and the phones are on the table.”


As communication becomes easier and easier and technology evolves further and further–it’s important to realize how your words can still make an impact.

WATCH as Demetria explains how much trouble 140 characters could cause…


Using technology to your advantage is the key. If you can write something that you actually feel, you can still make a positive impact on the people you reach.


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