Cynthia Liu: Political Blogging Success

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You might now believe her, but our expert Cyntha Liu started her blog when her friends found themselves annoyed with her political emails. Although her friends might not have enjoyed her rants early-on… many people tune into Cynthia regularly to read her views on political issues.

WATCH as Cynthia Liu shares the evolution of her blog with genConnect at #BlogHer14…

“In some ways the beauty of twitter and other forms of social media is that it’s so frictionless. I mean there’s no barrier to entry and there’s no barrier to sounding off. And it’s opened up so many wonderful things but it’s also enabled some really bad behavior. And I feel like if you want to get into it with me, I need more than 140 characters. Pick up the phone and call me!”

WATCH as Cynthia Liu explains the responsibilites that come with blogging…

Although blogging varies from person to person, from blog to blog, and even from topic to topic; it’s important to connect with your audience. Making your blog conversational, interactive and all-around social will help your viewership increase and help you develop your ideas more as a blogger.

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