Craig Newmark: This Is the Decade of ‘Pivotal Change’ (VIDEO)

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Craig Newmark, American Internet entrepreneur and founder of the international website craigslist, uses to support causes “in the here and now” that will help others in the long-run. Whether it be calling for more “news you can trust” in the news media, helping war veterans and their military families, or how to get more people to work together on the Internet, Newmark says the power of change is in our hands.

Watch Craig Newmark talk to genConnect more about how craigconnects and social media helps give everyone a voice and why he thinks this is the decade of “pivotal change”: 

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“You’ve got to get used to making social media an everyday thing, not just for your friends but to pay attention to the stuff you believe in, that you can get behind,” Newmark says as to how one can help give back and get involved in great causes. “The idea is to get involved and get ready because I think this decade is pivotal in human history and regular people are going to get stuff done that people in charge may not be able to.”

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About Craig Newmark: Craig Newmark is a self-described nerd, Web pioneer, speaker, philanthropist, and advocate of the use of technology for the public good. In September 2013 he was named “Nerd-in-Residence” by the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center [...]
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