CNN’s David Gergen ‘Impressed’ With Young Generation (VIDEO)

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CNN Senior Political Analyst David Gergen knows politics inside and out, and encourages young people to become substantially involved in politics today in order to make positive change.

“Get in the arena, don’t sit on the sidelines, don’t sit there and just sort of pee on the contestants and think they’re all bums. They’re not,” he told genConnect. Watch Gergen discuss how the young generation can get involved politically, plus how to create your own job:

David Gergen (left) with former employee and current genConnect TV interviewer Baruch Shemtov (right)

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“We need a lot of younger people in the system now. We need them running for office in the local community … and working their way up into the system,” Gergen added.  “I am so impressed with the quality of a lot of people I see in the younger generation.”

For a generation that faces a shaky economy and massive unemployment, Gergen believes that the youth of America has the opportunity to create their own jobs and bring about change in all areas of life.

“I see  the making of the next great generation – now in school and people a little older than that – but the way to do it is get engaged, get off the sidelines, get into the arena and change it.”

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genConnect was credentialed press at the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colo., where we interviewed the premier speakers and attendees at the conference. For more of our video interviews and articles from the Ideas Festival, click here.

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