Christiana Wyly: The Creative Potential of Money (VIDEO)

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“Where you put your money is this incredible creative choice,” says Christiana Wyly. Watch Christiana explain the phrase “voting with your dollars” and consumers’ purchasing powers. Watch:

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Money has an incredible embodied creative potential. Where you put your money is this incredible creative choice. So if you think about that from a consumer perspective for instance, they use that phrase voting with your dollars. So when you choose to buy something, then you are choosing that you want that product in your life for instance, and you’re telling that company that you like the product that they’re creating and you’re going to buy more of it. And so then the company is rewarded by your purchase, and then the investors see that there is a product out there that people like and so they continue to fund it.

And so by putting that dollar there, you’re continuing to say I want more of this in the world. I want to create this in the world. I want to grow this in the world. We actually have this incredible power as consumers to say every time we buy something, I want more of this in the world and I want more of that in the world. And it’s true as an investor as well that you could say you know, I’m going to put these dollars here because I want to see that grow.

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