Charles Barkley Helps Weight Watchers Reach New Target: Men

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Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff on how NBA star is helping get the message out about obesity risks to men; Watch Kirchhoff talk to genConnect about why Weight Watchers’ ‘holistic’ plan is the best in the world below:

Former NBA star Charles Barkley has joined Weight Watchers as a spokesman to better help the international weight-loss company hone in on a new target: men.

With so many people vowing to lose weight in 2012 as part of their New Year’s resolutions, Weight Watchers is sure to benefit from the stampede of people looking to ratchet down those numbers on the scale in the coming months. Former “American Idol” finalist Jennifer Hudson is also a Weight Watchers spokeswoman and has stunned people with the transformation of her figure. Weight Watchers CEO David Kirchhoff explains that it’s just as important for men to realize the risks of obesity.

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“He’s fantastic,” Kirchhoff told the FOX Business Network of Barkley. “It’s a huge effort to get more male customers. Obesity effects men exactly the same way it effects women. In fact, men are as likely to be obesity as women are and they have the same risks … guys have to take hold of this issue.”

Having a spokesman like Barkley, who is eating fruits and vegetables for the first time in his life and is living differently – “that’s the message we need to get out,” Kirchhoff added.

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Weight Watchers helps millions of people through weight-loss programs, products and services, and the company did a complete overhaul of its points program after 13 years, Kirchhoff recently told genConnect. “What we recognize that our old system was based principally on the premise of calorie counting with some consideration for fat and fiber. But what we recognize is we need to take a more holistic approach that really nudged people toward choices that were more nutritious, choices that were going to provide greater satisfaction.”

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