The Charisma Code: Unlocking the 5 Keys of Influence

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charismatic-pano_18584Have you ever wondered why some people exert more influence than others, or why some individuals appear to have the gift of charisma?

Charisma, in the classical sense, is more than just popularity and more than an ability to influence or lead.

Charisma is an ancient term, derived from the Greek word charis meaning ‘divine gift of grace.’ In this sense ‘gift of grace’ means a skill or ability believed by the ancients to be given to a mortal by the gods for the benefit of the world. This gift was given in order to fulfill an extraordinary destiny or to change the course of history. While in modern times we associate charisma with beauty and persuasiveness, there is a lot more to it than that. Some people demonstrate aspects of charisma either natural or learned, while some fake charisma, creating a cult of personality to increase their celebrity or political power. I would argue these do not represent true charisma, which is something much more profound.

In its original sense a charmed or charismatic person was said to have the following attributes:

1. A special gift or talent

2. An ability to inspire others through their passion for life or a higher purpose

3. Audacity in the face of adversity – the ability to break through and lead by example

4. Grace and benevolence – putting a greater purpose ahead of their own needs, sacrificing their own comfort or well being for others.

5. Attractiveness – not just physical, a beauty of the mind, spirit or character

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Charisma should not be confused with manufactured popularity or a cult of personality that uses propaganda in order to increase or maintain power. There is one attribute of charisma that helps us to tell the difference between the real thing and a fake. That quality is grace or benevolence.

Of course, propaganda can be used to create the impression that someone is charitable, kind, compassionate and giving, but it cannot be faked in person, or over the long term.

The ancients denoted those who used their influence and exceptional gifts to gain power over others for personal gain as the psychopath, often denoted by the half-man, half-bull. The psychopath was also considered to be a demi-god, this time exhibiting the worst characteristics of man and god. The association of the bull with the negative leader has come down to us today in the modern term bully.

So can charisma be learned?
Charismatic behaviors can be modeled and mimicked. We can become better communicators, develop our abilities or talents through hard work, make ourselves more attractive, but only life experience will determine whether we become more graceful, compassionate and wise individuals. This is the difference between leaders who seek to have power over others, and those who find themselves in a position of influence and change the world for the better.

charismaOn a group level, organizations can model the 5 Keys of Influence to build strong, driven, inspired teams. Research has shown that teams with a greater purpose outperform others. They retain their highest performing team members and report a greater sense of personal satisfaction and team loyalty. This leads to ongoing business improvement, further innovation and talent retention, which all contribute to market leadership.

Alignment and authenticity are crucial. Faking charisma is a short-term solution, as is using public relations to ‘look’ like a good corporate citizen, because in the information age, sooner or later the faker is found out. Not every brand or individual will change the planet, but if we can connect to a deep passion or purpose, perhaps we can us our influence to advance one small area of our world for the better, fulfilling the ancient contract that the gift of charisma, and hence the ability to influence, is to be used for the greater good.

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