Changing What Our Children Eat at School

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If chicken nuggets, bean burritos and hot pockets are not the staples for adult diets, why are they ok for our children? A back-to-whole-foods movement, led by the Children’s Health Foundation is sweeping school cafeterias in an effort to feed our kids better.  The theory is that the better the child’s nutrition, the better chance they have to learn and develop their brains.

CHF is on a mission to create systemic changes in our nation’s schools and in the lives of our youth. The CHF school lunch reform program aims to eradicate the processed foods laden with preservatives and high fructose corn syrup so common in an institutional school setting.

Sue Beecraft has managed Garfield RE-2 School District in Colorado food service for 19 years. Shortly after she started, factors such as shrinking budgets and staff led to a turn towards more mass-produced, cheaper food that was easier to prepare, often requiring only the opening of a box, a bag or a can.

But starting a few years ago, the district began rethinking the program. With statistics showing nationwide childhood obesity at 30 percent and growing, “we started to make some changes,” Beecraft said.

The district, located in west Garfield County, began offering a salad bar every day and took steps to cut out unnecessary processed sugars and fats.” Over the past two years, we’ve recognized that a home-cooked meal went over really well with the kids,” she said.

Now in its fourth year, CHF has made great strides in our fight against childhood obesity, by developing the Lunch for Life healthy school lunch program.

How healthy or not you feel that the school lunch program is at your child’s school?

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About Sue Beecraft: Sue Beecraft supervises the meal program operation of five elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high school kitchens. She is responsible for the administration of the National School Lunch Program in Garfield RE-2 School [...]
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