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Recipe: Gluten-Free Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake

March 9, 2015 with

Pamela Morgan has just the treat to celebrate the special person in your life

Flirting with Flavors: The Perfect Quinoa Bowl

February 18, 2015 with

Pamela Morgan makes a quinoa bowl with kale, mushrooms and avocado

Danny Meyer on Creating a Successful Restaurant Business

February 2, 2015 with

Accomplished restaurateur Danny Meyer on why hospitality is an important element of the dining experience

New Football Season Favorites: 5 Twists on Tailgate Food

January 30, 2015 with

Superbowl Sunday is this weekend; try global snacks like onion pakoras, potato wedges with sour cream, sweet chili sauce for your party

Flirting with Flavors: Pan-Seared Snapper with Sauce Vierge

January 16, 2015 with

Even if fish isn’t your favorite, this recipe is definitely worth trying. Pan Seared Snapper is a great fish to cook if you’ve never cooked fish—and Pamela’s recipe is perfect for an early-fall meal.

The Story Of The Wonderbag

December 26, 2014 with

South African entrepreneur and genConnect expert Sarah Collins introduces the revolutionary Wonderbag and discusses the impact it is having across Africa.

Cruise Planning: 11 Things To Do Before Your Trip

December 18, 2014 with

Winter is in full swing and you know what that means — it’s cruise season! But before you go on your much needed vacation, check out these 11 helpful tips!

Flirting With Flavors: Mussels & Clams Marinara

October 27, 2014 with

Pamela Morgan shows us yet again how to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with this new Mussels & Clams Marinara with Toasted Almonds recipe.

Wonderbag: Two Wins in “Won”

October 3, 2014 with

Wonderbag is a revolutionary slow-cooker that requires no electricity. When you buy one, you’re also donating one to a family in Africa.

Flirting with Flavors: Union Square Market Tour

September 11, 2014 with

In case you didn’t know, the Union Square Market is open year-round! Whether you’re looking to get fresh produce, perfect flowers or a nice filet–stop by.