Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer Is ‘Going to Learn Like the Rest of Us’ (VIDEO)

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Marissa Mayer is adding another title to her repertoire: mother. The recently-appointed CEO of Yahoo welcomed her first child, a baby boy, on September 30, 2012. After announcing her pregnancy in July, Mayer became the subject of constant media attention as people believed she would be a testament to whether or not women could really have it all.

At 37 years old, Mayer is not only extraordinarily young to be in such a role, but she was also the first pregnant woman to be appointed CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Watch Liz Gumbinner, editor of, offer some motherly advice to Mayer:

Liz Gumbinner

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“I don’t know how much advice she needs,” Gumbinner said. “She’s a super powerful, amazing CEO. And she’s going to learn like the rest of us how to do it and how to manage it and fortunately, she’s in a position where she can set the rules a little bit. Not all women have that opportunity.”

But “don’t be afraid to lean on your village,” Gumbinner added. “It’s OK to ask for help. Enlist the people around you.”

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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Mayer wasted no time at Yahoo as she worked to change the company for the better. One of Mayer’s announced changes at how Yahoo does business is to speed up the shipping speed to be on par with the pace of rival companies like Google. If a new product can’t be shipped in six months, and if it doesn’t have a realistic shot of reaching 100 million users or generate $100 million toward the company’s top line, then Yahoo won’t bother with it, according to Business Insider. Mayer stressed that Yahoo is a company that excels at personalization in activities like email to content to advertising, and one of her big goals is to grow users and usage, as well as advertisers and talent. Mayer also reportedly has promised to give full – and part-time U.S. employees a new Apple, Nokia, Samsung or HTC smartphone.

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