Career Journey: A New and Useful Internet Tool

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The way the business world works these days is by making connections. In fact, that is exactly what LinkedIn is meant to do: help people make business connections. However, even those who use LinkedIn (and those who don’t) struggle to make use of the connections they have. Well now there is a new Internet tool to help establish yourself in the business world. It’s called Career Journey. WATCH Jacqueline Jones, executive director of strategic partnerships and innovation at Kaplan University, as she talks about her newest project, Career Journey, at Techonomy 2014.

“We launched Career Journey to provide a platform for people to get practical advice and strategies on how to move ahead in their career,” says Jones. Most people have the tools they need to succeed in their career. They are just unsure of how to use them. Career Journey is a website comprised of helpful videos from experts explaining their experiences and giving their advice. “One of the things I want to do is to grow the community of thought leaders who actually contribute to [Career Journey], but also grow the community of people who actually interact with the tool as well.”

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