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Have you ever wanted to create a stunning graphic for your business, organization, blog… or even your personal Facebook page? You might be in the same boat that a lot of people are: you don’t know how to use Photoshop; not that you even have it anyway! genConnect expert Melanie Perkins has thought through this problem and in a couple years, she came up with Canva. We met up with Melanie at #BlogHer14 and she told us that in just 11 months, 3,500,000 designs have been made with the platform.

WATCH as Melanie Perkins shares how Canva has made graphic design simplified, online and free…


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“The whole point is that it’s very simple to use, very easy to understand, and you can come in with very little design experience and create something you’re really proud of.”

One of the biggest fears of people who come into Canva is that the ‘advanced tools’ can be really intimidating. Canva has create a short intro to the platform that builds a bit of confidence in the user–letting them know that the tools on their platform are easy. This has led to thousands of bloggers using Canva for their graphics.

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The best part about Canva: it’s free! Sign up today and make your own graphic!

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About Melanie Perkins: At 27, Melanie is already a serial entrepreneur who recently raised one of Australia’s largest early stage investment rounds as CEO of Canva, a disruptive online platform allowing anyone to create professional quality designs, to [...]
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