Client Advocacy Builds Business Loyalty

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The most successful salespeople not only retain their own priorities when selling, but they also hold their prospective client’s priorities close to heart as well.  Instead of rushing to ask for the sale, the professional businessperson takes time upfront to encourage an in-depth dialogue.   The initial conversation will include why there is a need for the meeting, and what the prospective client is seeking as a solution.  Most notably, extra care is given to understanding the client’s most desired and anticipated outcome from having resolved the current problems.  It is up to the salesperson to lead with questions, ask for budget, and pose potential ideas as a solution to learn where interests truly reside. Through the in-depth conversation, both the prospective client and salesperson are able to recognize the best value driven solution possible.  Agreement will soon be heard on both sides of the table. On occasion either during the sales process or afterward, a problem or two may occur.  But, as you assume responsibility for doing right by your clientele, this becomes the exact point where your sales will dynamically take off and generate many additional sales including repeat as well as referred business. You can easily further polish your advocacy and sales skills learning from others.  As a buyer, observe and examine everything the seller says and does.  The following are questions to ask of yourself when others are attempting to sell to you:

  • Do you believe the person enough to enlist trust?
  • Are you convinced the salesperson will do the best job in providing a value driven offer?
  •  How firmly do you believe that should anything go wrong, you will be covered?

As you reflect upon these answers, consider whether you operate in the same manner.  Do you offer protection for your clientele by keeping their interests as a top priority?  Are you an advocate for your clientele? Digging a bit deeper, review your response time for requests made in the past by your prospects and clients.   Is your habit to reply instantly, the same day, or wait until you “get around to it”?  Another variable is that of indirect requests.  How do you respond when someone makes an introduction on your behalf ~ do you respond immediately or do you put your reply off for a while? Did you know that requests are mini-tests to see what you will be like to work with after the sale, and are an excellent indicator of whether or not to buy from you?  With so many ideas on your mind, it’s easy to forget a request or fool yourself into believing “later will be okay”. The fact is, relying on “getting around to something”, whether it appears trivial or not, works to your extreme disadvantage.  Replying as quickly as possible builds trust in you. Your quick response is an advance indicator of all things good about you and your personal brand. Most importantly, your quick response will greatly increase the odds for obtaining the first sale.  Continuing to deliver service in this manner will lead to many more sales from the same client. When you are of the mindset to deliver quick response to all types of requests, you open up the magic door for additional paths of opportunity that generate increased income.   People talk, people refer, and people post reviews.  Imagine the power of providing excellence in service for all of your clients to promote you to all of their networks. Possessing the mindset to always be an advocate for your clientele and holding their priorities as if they were your own, will do wonders for the positive word of mouth and further building of relationships.  This is the proven way to grow business and watch it blossom, seemingly on its own. Over time, your clientele becomes your salesforce by highly recommending you to all they know.  It is their testimony that leads you to the Smooth Sale

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