The Emotional Arcade: Why Brent Hoff Wants to Tick You Off

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Brent Hoff, co-creator of the Blabdroid, has come up with the newest set of innovative arcade games. Called The Emotional Arcade, players can participate in a series of different games using a variety of sensor technologies and their emotions.

WATCH as writer and producer Brent Hoff discusses The Emotional Arcade, and why he wants to piss you off:

The Emotional Arcade pits regular people against each other in competition to experience emotions as strongly as they can – such as who can love the strongest in a given amount of time. Participants’ brain activity is monitored during the contest.


“What they’re sensing is a representation of your emotions,” based on neuroscientists research of neurochemicals, Hoff says as he explains how the game works. For example, the emotional feeling of love is made up of four neurochemicals: oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, and vasopressin. Those neurochemicals are what the game sensors pick up on.

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Similar to how you can fool other certain types of tests using technology, you can fool the game sensors too, therefore making it possible for someone to “cheat.” For example, any intense activity happening in the brain’s frontal lobe and picked up by the sensors could be misread as another emotion.T his is because some emotions are similar neurochemically.

“We always joke that if you’re in a love competition, you could technically cheat and think of rage because they’re very similar neurochemically,” Hoff says. “So it is possible to cheat … but if you’re feeling rage at a love competition you’ve got bigger problems.”

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