Great News in Breast Cancer Research!

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There’s good news today in breast cancer research!

Doctors seem to be getting better at treating cancer, so many women being treated early for breast cancer can keep the lymph nodes under their arms without hurting their chances of survival or the increase the odds that their disease will return, reports WebMD.

A new study out today in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that about 92 percent of women with early-stage breast cancers that have spread to a nearby lymph node who have lumpectomies (surgery in which only the tumor and some surrounding tissue is removed) and radiation to treat their tumors will be alive five years later, even if the lymph nodes stay put. The study showed little difference in cancer recurrence or survival between the women who had many nodes removed and those who had only the sentinel nodes removed.

Here’s hoping doctors can make more inroads in cancer research!

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