Bob Vila: Designing a Green Home

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When it comes to home improvement, there are few – if any – names in the business more trusted than Bob Vila. And these days, he’s increasing his focus on how to build green – without breaking the bank.

Watch Bob Vila talk about new green building technologies and tips at on how you can integrate green building and green techniques into your own home, including how to best conserve energy:

WATCH: ‘Urban Miners’ Turn Old Electronics Into New Devices

Does building green cost more?

“Like everything in life, it’ll cost more depending on what you do and how much you do of it,” Vila says. “Generally speaking, there are a lot of alternative approaches to building new and to remodeling that don’t necessarily cost more but do bring the operating costs of a home down and the energy efficiency down, and these are the areas I want to promote the most.”

How are people utilizing technology in their homes these days? For one, utility companies are encouraged to help consumers tone down the energy use in their homes and conserve energy through new technologies. but it’s not just about conservation, it’s about living happier in cleaner, more environmentally friendly homes by using more technology.

WATCH: New Building Technologies With Bob Vila 

“There are so many options that are just in the past five to 10 years that are becoming reality – not just in terms of materials but in terms of operating systems,” Vila says.

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