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With the current political debate over the upcoming sequester, many are trying to make sense of what our federal lawmakers are doing. Current law requires the Obama administration to impose $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts to military and domestic programs on March 1 – the first of $1 trillion in cuts over the next decade, unless Congress does something to halt the cuts. The cuts are known as “the sequester.” Washington is playing its usual blame game, with Republicans and Democrats both blaming each other for the current impasse.

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Ever wonder how Washington, D.C. became the city – and political morass – it is today? Legendary broadcast journalist Bob Schieffer has known Washington inside and out for more than 40 years. Watch Schieffer describe Washington’s evolution, partisanship, and what his favorite beat has been during his career, below:

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“The partisan divide is wider, and not just wider, but deeper” than ever before, Schieffer says, adding that one big reason for that is because lawmakers of opposing parties don’t socialize anymore with each other, and are more alienated from each other.

Bob Schieffer (right) with genConnect's Baruch Shemtov (left); © Robert Millman 2012

Bob Schieffer (right) with genConnect’s Baruch Shemtov (left); © Robert Millman 2012

Despite that spike in partisanship in recent years, Schieffer says his favorite beat to cover is Congress.

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“Congress is an acquired taste,” Schieffer says. Events such as the presidential State of the Union are a joy to cover, he says, because people of all backgrounds, ages, religions, etc… are in the same building together. We see “the great appreciate of the breadth of this country – what a big place this is and how diverse we really are,” Schieffer says.

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