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Crowdsourcing is a new tool used by many companies to help strengthen their customer service. “You get so much great wisdom from people everywhere,” says Bill Gross about the use of crowdsourcing. However, Gross is finding a new way to use crowdsourcing to his advantage with his new company IdeaMarket.

Watch as Bill Gross, founder and CEO of IdeaLab, talks with genConnect about IdeaMarket.

MazzumIdeaMArket1IdeaMarket is a new company that crowdsources the formation of companies. “The possibility of crowdsourcing, of getting great input from the crowd, is powerful in so many companies.” The way IdeaMarket works is this: ideas are posted on the IdeaMarket open forum and then teams from all over the world have the chance to take these ideas and build them into companies.

IdeaMarket also helps out by investing and helping the new company launch. “If they find something that they’re really passionate about, we can help them take it forward,” says Gross. IdeaMarket gives people around the world the chance to formulate a company and help change the world.



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