Workout Tips From Bob Harper of ‘The Biggest Loser’ (VIDEO)

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Bob Harper knows fitness. Harper, who is the head trainer for the hit NBC show,”The Biggest Loser,” says the biggest key to losing weight is to find something you like to do that’s going to cause you to break a sweat, then do that four to six times a week. Watch Harper offer other quick fitness tips to help you find your workout motivation:

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Are you tired of not having motivation to lace on your sneakers and get to the gym? How can you get to the next level in your fitness and weight-loss regime?

“Get it on your to-do list and get it off your to-do list,” Harper says. For example, working out in the mornings is often the best bet for many people so they get it out of the way and don’t push it off toward a part of the day when they may feel least motivated.

And don’t forget the rockin’ tunes to work out with; nothing helps the minutes tick by while on the treadmill than some of your favorite upbeat music. Plus, watch what you eat.

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“The better food choices you make, the better you’re going to feel mentally and the more you’re going to be able to go to the gym and get the kind of workouts in that I want you to get,” Harper says.

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