Beth Kanter: Woman in Social Media Connecting for a Cause

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Beth Kanter

1. How did this all come together for you? The pairing of Social Media with non-profit, cause related work?

Back in 2005,   I covered the cost of sending a young woman to college in Cambodia.  I had solicited friends and family members – offline.  Asking for donations instead of birthday presents.    In 2006,   when it came to send her to her second year – I feel short.  I had been blogging for a couple of years and thought – why not ask my blog community.   I raised the money and wrote this case study which is ancient history now .. but one of the first cause-related efforts and social media

Later, I won the Yahoo for Good Contest (the first ever online social good contest) and shortly after that won the first America’s Giving Challenge contest  (

I just posted about how I was able to support her senior year with the proceeds from the sales of my book, Networked Nonprofit

I’ve been doing cause related for many, many years offline and have been doing capacity building for nonprofits on Internet for mission driven work since 1992 – so the pairing just felt natural.

2. Here’s your “soap box” opportunity. Pretend you had two minutes in front of 1 million people to talk about what you are doing and why others should get involved. What would you say?

I’m passionate about training and capacity building in the nonprofit sector to embrace these tools for social change.   That’s why I wrote my book, The Networked Nonprofit – and that’s what keeps me blogging for so many years.

3. How would you advise someone to go about getting involved?

Do something .. no matter how small, small acts add up.

4. Who are the women who inspire you or think of as a mentor? We’d like you to please name one to three women and give a short explanation why.

  • Jennifer Aaker author of DragonFly Effect because she is amazing
  • Rashmi Sinha CEO of Slideshare – she’s a CEO of start up company  — believe i know how hard that is
  • Holly Ross – NTEN ED – because of her extraordinary sense of humor and community building skills

Part 1 of the interview with our Top 6 power women in social media

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