Beer Geeks Pop Open Microbrews at Canfest (VIDEO)

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Craft breweries and the beer geeks who love them can’t get enough of canned brews. Long perceived as packing for cheap beers, aluminum has become the packaging choice for many microbreweries, according to the organizers of Canfest in Reno, Nevada. “We want to highlight the fact that good beers come in a can; it’s not just PBR and Miller Lite,” says festival producer Constance Aguilar. Watch Canfest’s Constance Aguilar extol the tasty benefits of canned beers:

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The November festival aims to highlight the quality control benefits of canning beers.

“They (cans) don’t allow light or air to be let in to damage the beer,” Aguilar says. “They keep them safe and they preserve them longer.”

It also brings attention to the environmental and economical reasons for drinking canned beer.

“They (cans) are more easily recycled,” Aguilar says. “You can take them anywhere; they’re cheaper to ship because they’re not as heavy.

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The first Canfest drew heavily from West Coast breweries in driving distance of Reno, Aguilar says. Now in its fourth year, the dynamic festival features canned beers from around the country and around the world.

“You would never be able to get this beer outside of Canfest aside from going to these little small towns,” she says.

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