Barbara Walters: ‘Be Your Own Mentor’ (VIDEO)

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Barbara Walters this week officially retired from “The View” and ABC News, and daily television altogether. Walters is heralded as a broadcast television legend and a pioneer for women in the field. So what is her advice for young, aspiring television journalist?

“Show up early, stay late and don’t complain.”

Joined by Walt Disney Company’s Executive Vice President Zenia Mucha, these two industry pioneers shared the career mantras with genConnect that have catapulted them to the top of their fields. Watch:

Barbara Walters and Zenia Mucha

In addition to working relentlessly, finding a mentor can be an important part of personal and professional growth.

“You never know where you will find an opportunity. You’ll never know who could be a mentor. Seek out mentors and seek out people you want to learn from,” Zenia told genConnect. “It’s important to find colleagues or people who are like-minded and be able to learn from them. See what characteristics people have that make them successful and try to apply them to your own life.”

Not everyone has a mentor — which is just fine, too, Walters said.

“I didn’t have a mentor. I think you almost have to be your own mentor,” she said. “You have to have your own goals and focus on what you are doing.”

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