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Yvonne DiVita is the Co-Founder, along with Caroline Golon and Tom Collins, of BlogPaws - the 1st online community for pet bloggers. Visit www.blogpaws.com to learn more about that.

Yvonne has three dogs and an 18-year old cat. The cat has been with her so long Yvonne doesn't remember not having her around. Yvonne calls her The Grumpy Old Lady and sometimes Wabby Wibby (baby talk for 'baby kitty'). Her favorite place to sleep is on the corner of Yvonne's bed.

Yvonne's dogs are all rescue dogs. When her blog started, she had Carmie, a dog from a shelter who lived with Yvonne for her entire 16 years. It was two years after she passed over the Rainbow Bridge before Yvonne was ready for another dog. Now, Yvonne has Chester and Emily and Olive.

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A Bow to Adopt-A-Dog Month

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Pet Blogger Yvonne DiVita: 'We're About Animal Welfare' (VIDEO)

Pet Blogger Yvonne DiVita: ‘We’re About Animal Welfare’ (VIDEO)

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