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Bill Gross is an entrepreneur who in the last 40 years, has started more than 100 companies, resulting in more than 45 successful IPOs and acquisitions, including Overture, eToys, CarsDirect, Cooking.com, CitySearch, Picasa, and Evolution Robotics. Bill is the founder and CEO of Idealab -- the longest-running technology incubator, focusing on world-changing technologies, including search, e-commerce, robotics, renewable energy, and mobile monetization. For more information, visit BillGross.com.

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Techonomy: Bill Gross on Creating Idealab

Techonomy: Bill Gross on Creating Idealab

September 21, 2015 with

Bill Gross discusses Idealab, a highly-successful business incubator

Bill Gross: IdeaMarket

Bill Gross: IdeaMarket

February 11, 2015 with

Watch as Bill Gross, founder of IdeaLab, talks with genConnect about IdeaMarket.

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