About Patricia Searing, Ph.D.

Patricia Searing, Ph.D.

Patricia Searing, Ph.D., is a frontier thinker and gifted speaker whose penetrating ideas reflect her rich background as a therapist, teacher, researcher, scientist and philosopher. Intuitive and lecturer in the field of health, inner knowing and human development psychology, Patricia is consulted frequently within both traditional and alternative healthcare settings. She has collaborated in various clinical research studies including examining the effect of distant healing prayer with Kansas City’s Children’s Mercy Hospital. Patricia served as an external examiner for Andrew Weil’s Fellowship Program for the Center of Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona. She has published numerous works on integrative health and consciousness studies, including her new book: Natural Healing: Dimensions of a Healing Relationship. Dr. Searing is a well known leader and teacher in the field of bioenergetics and the relationship between mind and body and the psychology of healing. Contact me: Patricia@SearingSE.com

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How Well Do You Take Care of Yourself? (QUIZ)

How Well Do You Take Care of Yourself? (QUIZ)

September 20, 2011 with

Rate yourself in the self-care department, a quiz by Dr. Patricia Searing, author of Natural Healing

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Economy Turmoil: How to Deal With Money, Security Fears

August 8, 2011 with

Leading thinker and teacher Patricia Searing on how you can alleviate fears regarding money and security in these tough economic times

The Mind, Body and Psychology of Healing by Patricia Searing, PhD

The Mind, Body and Psychology of Healing by Patricia Searing, PhD

May 17, 2011 with

Acclaimed leader and teacher discusses the importance of touch, being known and words in her experience as a therapist and philosopher