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Larry Chiang champions consumer privacy and credit rights by putting ideals into practice. He is Founder and CEO of Duck9.com, a site that facilitates peer-to-peer banking.

Larry Chiang is also a internationally recognized speaker and author. His book "Internet Marketing Secrets - Priva-Marketing and More" is a category leader on Amazon. He is a credit industry and Internet privacy expert and has testified in Congress on behalf of the Internet advertising industry.

Chiang is a repeat entrepreneur. His most prominent start-up was United College Marketing Services (UCMS), #1 in credit card sales to students, which is a multi-million dollar force in the credit industry. He started it in his dorm room at University of Illinois in 1989 while studying engineering because he saw a need to credit educate young adults. When he left the company in 1996, it had educated 16 million students.

In 1999, he started Money For Mail in Palo Alto, California. He saw a profitable business model that would also empower consumers to control their own information. As CEO of Money For Mail, he built it into one of the most visited sites on the Internet (#280 according to PC DataOnline) with less than $100,000 marketing budget.

His companies have been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox and CNN. He has been profiled in 46 of the top 50 newspapers in America including NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and numerous cover pages like USA Today.

Larry's hobbies include reading, coaching young entrepreneurs and playing 'pick-up' basketball.

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