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Kristin Mallon, CNM, MS, RNC-OB is a board certified nurse midwife and a mother of three in Northern New Jersey. She began practicing as a private midwife in 2006 in Brooklyn, NY. She earned her Master's degree in midwifery from New York University and nursing degree from Johns Hopkins University. She also worked as a labor and delivery nurse; and, before becoming a midwife, worked as a D.O.N.A. trained doula. She primarily attend deliveries in the hospital setting, making the hospital as home-like as possible. Kristin believes in a gentle, personalized birth experience and is a supporter of all types of birthing preferences including, natural hospital birth and birth with epidural.

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Want An 'Honest' Delivery of Your Baby? Choose a Midwife

Want An ‘Honest’ Delivery of Your Baby? Choose a Midwife

March 24, 2015 with

More women opting for a midwife to deliver their baby as they demand honesty behind reasoning, rationale behind recommendations made during pregnancy, delivery

Fertility and Pregnancy Over 40: It's Not About Age

Fertility and Pregnancy Over 40: It’s Not About Age

April 29, 2014 with

Most women in their 40’s are perfectly capable of conceiving and having a healthy pregnancy and labor; here’s how to promote your own fertility

Childbirth and 'The Unnecesarean': C-Section Rates Way Too High

Childbirth and ‘The Unnecesarean’: C-Section Rates Way Too High

February 25, 2014 with

‘The Unnecesarean’ is a phrase we shouldn’t need to refer to so much in the U.S.; awareness is key to prevention

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