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Jacob Barrocas is an author, speaker and efficiency expert helping companies and individuals improve their efficiency, productivity and profitability through an integrative consulting and coaching approach that includes strategic planning, communication skills, stress reduction and management skill based on 35 years of personal corporate experience.

He is the author of Sustainable Success: A Simple Way, a simple approach to creating lasting success in your life, business, and community. This book presents easy to understand ideas and concepts that are entertaining, uplifting, and natural to implement. The title, Sustainable Success, is the best description of what you can expect to learn from reading this book. Success, real success, is meant to be simple, sustainable, and inclusive of all people. The intent of this book is to provide a profoundly powerful yet simple out of the box approach to manifest the experience of lasting success in the reader's life. True success is available to the rich and the poor, the famous and the unknown. Living an integrated life leads to success that can be sustained. To be integrated means that we consider everything, including: Other people, the environment, physical things, as well as how we think and act spirituality. It means we look at things from the combined perspective of body, mind, and spirit. This book is designed to generate maximum results with minimal effort and can be read from cover to cover or used as a reference to access specific information when you need it. In Sustainable Success you will find a simple effective approach to support you in attaining lasting success and fulfillment in your life.

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