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Glenda Greenwald is Founder and Chair Emeritus of the Aspen Center for Integral Health, a national non-profit education institute that addresses issues of physical and environmental health as well as those of mental and spiritual wellbeing. Prior to her work on behalf of the Center for Integral Health, Ms. Greenwald was Founder and Chair of the WISH List (Women in the Senate and House), a national organization that supports pro-choice Republican women candidates for Congress, Senate and governorships. Before that she was publisher and editor of Michigan Woman magazine, targeted to 50,000 business and professional women. Additionally, in 1970 she founded the Human Intelligence International Newsletter, which was distributed to educators, psychologists, curriculum specialists and neuroscientists in 26 countries. Her academic career includes Smith College, Wayne State University and PhD studies at the University of Sorbonne. She has served on various boards, including the Hastings Center for Biomedical Ethics.

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Tackling the Complexity of the Brain

Tackling the Complexity of the Brain

July 25, 2014 with

The Aspen Brain Lab, featuring Deepak Chopra, will feature a human experiment to study how the brain can be manipulated to delay Alzheimer’s disease and aging

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