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Gilda has been a stylist and makeup artist for the past 22 years. Raised in Germany and presently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico and Los Angeles, California, Gilda travels worldwide for bookings throughout Europe, Asia and the US. Having been a model for 10 years prior to working as a stylist and makeup artist, Gilda worked and lived in Paris, Milan, and New York for such magazines as French Elle, French and Italian Vogue, Donna, Amica, Marie Claire, Italian and French Bazaar, La Perla, Pirelli Calender and photographers like Helmut Newton, Giovanni Gastel, Joyce Tenneson, Erica Lennard, Oliver Toseani, Dominique Isserman, giving Gilda the education of the business she adores. Languages include English, German and French.

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Gilda Meyer-Niehof: Fashion Expert

Gilda Meyer-Niehof: Fashion Expert

January 23, 2015 with

Introducing our newest fashion expert, Gilda Meyer-Niehof.

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