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Esther Dyson, is a former Chairman of the ICANN Board, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and her own EDventure Holdings. She is currently an active angel investor with holdings in a variety of online ventures and is a board member for some of these companies. Some of her projects are based in Russia, where she has been spending an increasing amount of time; she is also interested in investing in and traveling around other emerging markets in East Asia and Africa.

She is active in fostering the emergence of start-ups in commercial space flight; she has flown weightless six or seven times.

She is excited about the potential of IT to improve human health, both by involving individuals in maintaining their own health and by transforming the delivery of health care and the institutions that provide it. Dyson's activities here include board seats with 23andMe, Voxiva and numerous other investments, as well as my role as one of ten initial research subjects in George Church's Personal Genome Project (on whose board she also sits).

Dyson was appointed as one of ICANN's nine initial directors in October 1998. She served as an ICANN director, and Chair of the board until November, 2000. Her notable work includes foundational work to establish revenue streams and moves to make ICANN more transparent, including opening up board meetings to the public. She continued on as a member of the ALAC a year or two after her tenure as Chair. She speaks Russian in addition to her native English.

Dyson prefers to do good through profit-making enterprises, but there are things companies simply can't do. Those include fighting corruption and fostering transparency and the rule of law around the world (e.g., the Eurasia Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation.) She also supports education and science as a trustee of the After-School Corporation.

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Esther Dyson: Not Investing in Your Health is Like Renting a House

Esther Dyson: Not Investing in Your Health is Like Renting a House

April 5, 2015 with

This tech investor/philanthropist discusses investing in health care vs. one’s health

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