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Doug French is a writer, speaker, and single dad who began his personal blog in June 2003. He is also co-founder and organizer of the Dad 2.0 Summit, an annual conference where marketers, social media leaders, and blogging parents connect to discuss the changing voice and perception of modern fatherhood. He has been profiled in or written for The New York Times, Slate, The Huffington Post, andParents magazine, and his writing has appeared in several parentcentric websites and blogging anthologies. In July 2010, co-created When The Flames Go Up, a blog about co-parenting after divorce, with his ex-wife. She and he and their two sons live in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Doug French: The first Dad Blogger at BlogHer

Doug French: The first Dad Blogger at BlogHer

September 5, 2014 with

Doug French was the first male blogger at BlogHer ’14. He gives genConnect readers valuable advice about being a divorced dad and putting kids first despite family problems.

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