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David Mast truly exudes his passion for aesthetics and living. Gifted in the ability to understand his Clients’ needs and desires he is able to create a masterpiece of visual living. David grew up on the plains of Canada with a deep sense of appreciation for nature, movement, color and light. He understands the changing seasons with all their beauty and is able to incorporate that understanding into his work. David graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in European History from Calvin College (Grand Rapids, MI), and has been living in San Francisco since 1992. Although he started off in the financial services industry, prior to following his design passion, this experience greatly assisted him in understanding the financial complexities of project budgeting . While working as a financial planner, he attended UC Berkeley Design School where he realized his true talent for Interior and Landscape Design. Not only do clients continue to be astonished at the beauty of the work David produces, but also by the excitement and joy they experience in working with him. David is praised for his ability to assess a vast variety of spaces, residential or commercial, old or new, and transform them into spaces where their potential for beauty and comfort is maximized. David is able to navigate between traditional and contemporary styles and finds it exhilarating to explore the range of possibilities that lie within each. David has designed custom homes and commercial spaces throughout California, the East Coast and Canada.

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A 2012 Sundance Hot Spot: Goodnight Gansevoort Dwell Lounge (VIDEO)

A 2012 Sundance Hot Spot: Goodnight Gansevoort Dwell Lounge (VIDEO)

January 24, 2012 with

The designers of 2012 Sundance Film Festival Dwell Lounge dish on the creative process…

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