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Since graduating Harvard with a Masters in Theology and Public Administration, Casey has spent 10+ years as a fundraiser for purpose-driven organizations. For many years, Casey lived in Mexico where in helped found a clean-energy company. Then, at 31, he bought a bike and rode it — alone — across the United States, looking for the meaning of it all. This led him to found a non-profit that help veterans via the healing power of long distance cycling. Recently, Casey helped lead the corporate development team at a global NGO.
Looking to combines his two loves – sharing incredible journeys with others and raising money for organizations that serve the world — Casey founded Travelteerism: the philosophy that travelers are uniquely positioned to not just explore the world, but also make a profound and lasting impact on the places they visit.

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Travelteerism: Combining Luxury Travel and Volunteering

Travelteerism: Combining Luxury Travel and Volunteering

February 22, 2015 with

Learn about Travelteerism, the company that combines luxury travel and volunteering.

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