Arianna Huffington’s 12 Steps to Reconnecting With Ourselves

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Arianna Huffington knows first-hand what burnout is like – and how important it is to take care of yourself to avoid getting to that place.

In her new book, Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom, and Wonder, Huffington Post Founder, Editor-in-Chief and President Arianna Huffington outlines 12 steps to reconnecting with ourselves to renew and recharge ourselves. “Each person will start with whatever step most resonates with them,” she says.

WATCH as media maven Arianna Huffington talks about the point in her life that made her slow down and take better care of herself:

As one of these steps, Huffington stresses that it’s important for all of us to focus on what we’re doing – one task at a time. That may go against what many women practice on a daily basis, however; multi-tasking is often a way of life.

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“When we multitask, we are actually not more productive,” she says. Multitasking doesn’t really exist – it’s task switching, which is really stressful.  When we’re fully present in what we’re doing, we’re more productive, more creative, and we make better decisions.”

In Thrive, Huffington makes an impassioned and compelling case for the need to redefine what it means to be successful in today’s world. Her personal wake-up call came in the form of a broken cheekbone and a nasty gash over her eye – the result of a fall brought on by exhaustion and lack of sleep. As more people are coming to realize, there is far more to living a truly successful life than just earning a bigger salary and capturing a corner office. We have, as a society, an epidemic of burnout and stress-related illnesses, an erosion in the quality of our relationships, family life, and even our careers. In being connoted to the world 24/7, Huffington says, we’re losing our connection to what truly matters.


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