Arianna Huffington: How She Took Blogging to Next Level (VIDEO)

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Seven years ago, in an age when many people thought of bloggers as unemployed young people sitting at home in their pajamas, Arianna Huffington launched a blogging platform with the goal of bringing together an array of voices. Watch The Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington talk to genConnect about the growth of her blogging platform:

Arianna Huffington with genConnect’s Baruch Shemtov

“I wanted to bring a lot of the great voices that were offline, online,” she said of starting The Huffington Post. She mixed young writers with older, more experience writers, and gradually added established journalists to her roster, with many doing long-form, investigative pieces on an array of topics.

But did she ever imagine The Huffington Post would become the institution it is today?

“You know, I dreamt about it,” Huffington said,but I can’t say that I had a five-year plan of how exactly we would get there. That’s part of the magic of any startup. You never quite know what the great moments, the breakthroughs, are going to be. Part of it has been bringing together great people.”

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