Andy Herald: How to be a Dad

[ 0 ] September 14, 2014 |

Andy Herald, co-founder of, joins genConnect at #BlogHer14 to discuss… dad stuff.


“I have three boys. 16, 15 and 5. So I’ve got the whole rainbow of parental nightmares to deal with.. It (howtobeadad) is more of an entertainment website for parents. They’ll get roped in by the name and quickly find out it’s more about how to fail or learn by seeing how you shoudn’t do it…”


“My youngest son is completely addicted to minecraft.” Andy does an amazing job at sharing his life with his audience–allowing his audience to realize how his mistakes have taught him lessons that they won’t have to learn the hard way. “His sense of time or calendar is based only on the fact that he’s only allowed to play on the weekend…” WATCH as Andy Herald shares one of his many parenting stories…


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About Andy Herald: Andy came into this world so quietly that his mom thought she just needed go to the bathroom. She is probably one of the very few people who almost literally “dropped the kids off at [...]
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