Amy DePaola Debuts First Film at Sundance 2012 (VIDEO)

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Watch Amy DePaola, founder of Greenview Entertainment, discuss producing her first film ‘Ordinary Man’ and the challenges faced before debuting the film at Sundance 2012:

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Amy DePaola

The road to the Sundance Film Festival for filmmakers, producers, directors, screenwriters and actors alike is an exciting and thrilling journey, although not without bumps in the road. That was the experience of actress, writer and producer Amy DePaola when her team shot their film “Ordinary Man” during the weekend Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast and raced to submit the film before Sundance’s deadline.

“I think the biggest challenge in getting here was, specifically for our film ‘Ordinary Man’ that we shot, was the post-production process,” DePaola told genConnect. “We did the shoot in August and we really wanted to make the cut off to be here on time. It wasn’t a rush job but it was very stressful. Our team was so dedicated to getting the project done. ”

Beyond the post-production stress, DePaola is soaking up every minute of her first Sundance experience and hopes it means big and bright things for her future.

“I’m thrilled,” she said. “This has been a turning point in my career, I feel. I’ve been waiting for moments like this for a long time.”

Click here to view the teaser trailer for “Ordinary Man.”

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