Fight Back Against ‘Adult Mean Girls’ Bullying; Share Your Stories!

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Inspired by Merri Lee Marks‘s The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy’s Schemers, Dreamers and Volunteer Vixens – Come Hell or High Heelsgivinggame, we are inviting power women to share their stories of adult female bullying … Below, the author herself recounts her own experiences with adult bullying.

I was snubbed and seated in “Siberia” at one of the most important galas of the year. The person responsible: My so-called friend. I sat in the back of the room, in my designer ball gown, makeup and hair done, as I watch my friend take center stage and all the credit for organizing a charity event for which I contributed much of my time. While she did deserve applause and she helped raise awareness and money for an important cause, I couldn’t understand at the time why she deliberately ignored the hard work myself and others did.I’m sure you’ve dealt with situations like this one before. Women who have mastered the art of climbing the ladder through backstabbing techniques can make you feel two feet tall, even make you want to cry or hide in bed.

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Over the years as a mom, an entrepreneur and community advocate, I have had to deal with all walks of “Adult Mean Girls.” I have been ridiculed, lied to and even bullied by women in my social group — even at PTA meetings — and I know I am not alone.

In my first published book, The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy Schemer’s Dreamers and Volunteer Vixens – Come Hell or High Heels, I share an amalgam of my stories and stories of other other women who encountered adult bullying.

blackshoesWe have come a long way baby, but now there is a rise of desperate-for-attention housewives who remove the white gloves to reveal their cat claws. I am encouraging women to share their stories of adult bullying, ridicule, shunning, and other demoralizing behaviors. I hope our stories will unlock a wave of camaraderie. We are women! Hear us roar! We need to follow the Lean In Org model; let’s work together as a pack and continue to raise each other up, not step on one another with our Louboutin heels. To submit your story to be published, email us at (You can request your story runs anonymously). You can also tweet your stories to Merri Lee on Twitter @merrileemarks1, or post to Facebook at Hashtags #AdultBullies #GivingGameBook

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About Merri Lee Marks: Merri Lee Marks is a landscape designer, graphic artist and philanthropist, and "author". In her first book, The Giving Game: Surviving Philanthropy’s Schemers, Dreamers and Volunteer Vixens – Come Hell or High Heels, now available [...]
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