A Real Life Story of the Movie “The Intern”

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“The Intern” staring Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNiro is a comical and heartfelt take on an older man restarting his career as an unpaid intern for a much younger woman. The irony in this story is the position of “intern” is usually filled by college-aged students who are looking for experience to write on their resume. However it is never too late to learn new skills. Younger generations have skills, even inherently, such as social media know how, which older generations can learn from, and, of course, vice versa. One of genConnect’s very own, Randi Zucker, shares a similar story to the movie’s plot line.

WATCH the trailer of the movie “The Intern”.

Before Randi joined the genConnect team she worked at wowOwow.com. At one time, Randi, at 24 years old, had a then 55-year-old unpaid intern Lois Draegin. Lois was an accomplished magazine editor who lost her six-figure job at TV Guide in 2008. Rather than sit home, Lois sought out a way to gain new skills that would improve her already impressive resume by learning online editing, search engine optimization and social media.

While Randi trained Lois, Lois ended up training Randi too, providing her advice on best journalism practices.Lois was able to share her expertise in the media industry as well as brush up on the technology skills that she previously lacked.

At¬†“The Women on the Web,” (a.k.a WOW) Lois was able to share her expertise in the media industry¬†as well as brush up on the technology skills that she previously lacked.


Randi Zucker with one of her interns Patty Fernandez

Lois wasn’t the only intern Randi had while working at wowOwow, 41-year-old Patty Fernandez , 52-year-old Ann Hodgman, and 52-year-old Bruce Tracey also worked there. Similar to Lois, these experienced, career driven people become “interns” to gain new skills.

Click here to read more about Randi’s real life “senior intern” story and see the interns talk about their experience on the Today Show.

“The Intern,” a Warner Bros. Picture, directed by Nancy Meyers, hits theaters September 25th.

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