A Letter to Those Affected by the Boston Marathon Bombings

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bostonattacks2When I first heard the news about the bombing at the Boston Marathon my heart broke. It broke for the people who died and were hurt, for the families and loved ones, for everyone involved. It broke my heart for all of us because an event like this not only makes no sense, but it hits at the core of our being and the need to feel safe. Who could imagine why someone would do something like this? What would possess someone to hurt so many, affect so many lives? SO I decided to write them a letter.

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To Anyone Affected By or Involved in the Boston Marathon Bombing,

There are no words I can give you at this time but my deepest sorrow for this horrific event and how it has changed your life. To say ‘I’m sorry’ seems like so little yet along with that goes the promise to stand in a place where I will keep you in my heart and ask that you feel the power of thoughts and prayer from those all around our world.


Everything about you must be shaken to the very core of your being.

One of the kindest things you can do for yourself right now, is find a place where you can feel safe. Surrounded by those you trust and care for,allow yourself to feel every emotion that consumes you. Allow all of the emotions to flow and judge none of them. In releasing them and finding safety within and around, you take back what this horrible person robbed you of.

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Grief and loss is a process and for each one it looks differently. Let yourself find your own road.

It’s too early to understand any of this. Truthfully, we may never understand it. The pain of this experience is different for each of you. Trust in your love, for yourself and for this hard world. All of us are holding you in our arms.

Allison Daily

Allison Daily

In love, Allison

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