The Future of the ‘Third Screen’ (VIDEO)

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genConnect made a genuine connection with Chuck Martin at the Iron Cactus restaurant in Austin, TX. Chuck is the author of The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile, the CEO of The Mobile Future Institute and the Director of the Center of Media Research at MediaPost Communications Inc. Watch Chuck discuss his new book, and the future of the ‘third screen':

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Chuck, I guess the obvious question is, what’s the third screen refer to?

CHUCK MARTIN: Well, the first screen is television. Everyone’s familiar with that. There are 2 billion of those in the world. The second screen is the personal computer. And there’s roughly a little more than a billion of those. The third screen is the cell phone or the smart phone. And there are 5 billion of those in the world right now.

And this is a real experience for me. And going to transform all the behavior in terms of how people interact with customers, with new products, new services, based on everything about the mobile phone.

KELLY HAYES: So if people have been around for this entire progress, probably [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to think that the third screen will be the one that will be the most revolutionary and evolutionary. Do you think that’s the case?

CHUCK MARTIN: It will be the most revolutionary. Because, first of all, everybody has one. And second of all, the time it came. The network is already there. When you think about the internet, nobody had it. So everyone had to kind of grow. We now are connecting the phone into the network that already exists. So this is what provides all this capability. So we can actually track where a phone is, where a person is, and then provide services based on their location, which we could never do before.

KELLY HAYES: Where are we in the stage of this revolution right now? Are we at the beginning, the middle, or are things going to continue to change rapidly?

CHUCK MARTIN: Well, we don’t know if we’re in the middle, because you never know when you’re in the middle. But we’re certainly in the midst of it. The problem is, or the situation is, in this case, the consumer’s actually driving the revolution. And it’s the companies, for the first time, who are actually behind. There’s an entire global industry in place that’s really solid. Then there’s the traditional businesses that are behind. They’re not tapping into this mobile infrastructure [UNINTELLIGIBLE] yet. And that’s why we wrote the book. It’s for the businesses who don’t yet understand what they need to do with mobile, and what our leaders are, in fact doing. There’s a lot of innovation going on already.

KELLY HAYES: Hence the reason why the subtitle is Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile. Chuck, thank you so much. We look forward to reading the book. Again, it’s coming out on May 16. Chuck Martin, The Third Screen, Marketing to Your Customers in a World Gone Mobile. Thank you very much.

CHUCK MARTIN: Thank you.
Thanks to Shelton Interactive and Cave Henricks Communications for inviting us to your book party and connecting us with your phenomenal talent.

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