Andrea Mitchell’s Advice for Young Journalists (VIDEO)

[ 0 ] July 22, 2010 | recently sat down with Andrea Mitchell, NBC’s Foreign Affairs correspondent and host of “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC,  at the Aspen Festival where we quizzed her on advice she would give aspiring journalists.

Andrea is very bullish on the opportunities for young journalists these days.  “In terms of career advice there are so many more opportunities now with the web,” Andrea says. “It’s wide open.”

She remembers how it difficult it was to break into the business in the days when broadcast news was restricted to the networks. “It used to be you worked for a local station and worked your way around the affiliates of the networks and then you tried to get a job at one of just three networks.” She says, “Now there are just so many more opportunities.”

But beyond technological innovations that have opened up more jobs, Andrea encourages young journalists to focus on the basics. “The best people in my profession from David Brinkley to Tom Brokow to Brian Williams are really great writers. These are people who are great story tellers and never lose sight that you are telling a story.”

From Aspen and Washington to Baghdad and Kabul, Andrea Mitchell has been on the road this month telling us the stories from the world we live in. Watch video from the interview below:

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I would say maintain your excitement, your passion, your sense of curiosity. Read, read, read because only by reading and absorbing more information can you also become a better writer. Writing is an undervalued skill. The best people in my profession, from David Brinkley, to Tom Brokaw, to Brian Williams, are really great writers. These are the people who see things, who are great story tellers, and never lose sight of the fact that you are telling a story. Whether you are using video, or words, or a combination; you have to communicate a story and engage the viewer, the listener. So, those are sort of the larger concepts. In terms of career advice, they’re so many more opportunities now with the web, I mean, it’s wide open. It used to be you worked for a local station, you worked your way around the affiliates of the networks, and then you try to get a job with one of three networks, and there was no cable. Now, there are just so many more opportunities and really wonderful ways to be creative and to become a videographer or a story teller in different ways. I would just say explor everything and don’t be discouraged.

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