​What to Do Before You State an Opinion

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You know what they say about opinions. They’re like %(*%# – everybody has one.

If you have an opinion it is very useful to have information to support it.

Without key information it is easy for individuals to supplement clear thinking with destructive fantasies

How would one define clear Information?

It is come both from the both the intellectual and the artistic/creative. Gathering key information is more than just accumulating facts?

We hear facts just by listening to the news report on television or through the internet. Most people read all the time; recipes, signs, text messages, and people’s non-verbal cues. You can gather information through all of these vehicles however hearing and reading Is for purposes that transcend simply gathering information. The mind that has been trained to only absorb factual information is an impoverished mind. It is an integration of intuition, tacit knowing and visual, auditory and kinesthetic absorption.

Again, if you have an opinion it so important to get access to Information other than facts? The gathering of information usually requires reading or hearing an “extended narrative”, a story if you will. Without these narratives but we are presented with is quick conclusions based on “sound bite” factoids that may sound completely logical and accurate but are anything but that.

Extended narratives are Important when taking In information? It is Important to see how we got to where we are. Without this process it becomes much more difficult to examine multiple perspectives on an issue and to even hold conflicting ideas in the mind simultaneously so that we can make wiser choices. This process does not come easily. It requires patience and the stretching and building of cognitive tools not automatically available like some type of intellectual “fast food.” Stories and narratives help us to see both the facts and beyond the facts. Without narrative we begin to repeat information we have heard over and over until we think is ours rather than some cultural media implant that we have absorbed and turned into a fact in our own minds. To appreciate and understand narrative and story one must practice and hone specific thought skills.

This is the responsibility you must take on If you want to have an intelligent opinion.

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