March 30, 2015 with

Does Indiana’s New Religious Freedom Bill Promote Discrimination?

Critics claim the new bill Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed targets gays and lesbians

March 30, 2015 with

11 Tips for a Happy Family Staycation

Paul Eisenberg shows us how to turn a situation of having kids at home during the summer into a fun family staycation adventure

March 28, 2015 with

Bob Vila: Building & Remodeling Your Home to be Green (VIDEO)

Home improvement guru on a mission to help bring down costs of running your home

Giving Back

March 30, 2015 with

John Seely Brown: Make Learning An Adventure

Chief of Confusion John Seely Brown talks about how we can cultivate learning in new ways using ‘pull’ techniques

March 28, 2015 with

PepsiCo Helps Farmers Do More, Use Less (VIDEO)

Pioneering technologies help reduce water usage, carbon emissions while increasing crop yields

March 26, 2015 with

Marianne Williamson: Learning Through Joy & Pain

Acclaimed spiritual teacher and recent Congressional hopeful Marianne Williamson talks about collective change and learning through joy & pain


March 30, 2015 with

Arianna Huffington’s 12 Steps to Reconnecting With Ourselves

Huffington Post Founder and President on what inspired her book Thrive, and how we all need to slow down

March 27, 2015 with

7 Ways to Disconnect From Work

And reconnect with yourself!

March 24, 2015 with

Want An ‘Honest’ Delivery of Your Baby? Choose a Midwife

More women opting for a midwife to deliver their baby as they demand honesty behind reasoning, rationale behind recommendations made during pregnancy, delivery


March 30, 2015 with

Understand Your Own Love Map

8 tips and tools for understanding your relationships

March 30, 2015 with

Playful Parenting Helps You Connect With Your Child (VIDEO)

Dr. Lawrence Cohen on the importance of play & understanding your child’s emotions

March 25, 2015 with

Breaking Up is Hard to Do!

Dr. Anne Brown shows us the signs of a sour relationship and how communication can help save it –


March 24, 2015 with

Career Journey: A New and Useful Internet Tool

Jacqueline Jones tells us about the newest Internet tool to help anyone expand their career

March 23, 2015 with

Deborah Jackson: Tips for Today’s Female Business Owner

Deborah Jackson, Founder and CEO of Plum Alley speaks to the female small business owner and explains how to get your idea off the ground in today’s marketplace.

March 8, 2015 with

LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman on the Tech Business

LinkedIn’s co-founder and executive chairman discusses the tech business world at the Techonomy 2014 conference